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Happy Birthday, Cub 4!!

This was the plan:  four children, four years apart.  Cub 1 was born in 2000.  Cub 2 was born in 2004.  Cub 3 was born in 2008.  Cub 4 was born in 2010.  Huh?…..SURPRISE!!!

I’m a planner, and Cub 4’s early arrival rocked my entire world.  I cried for about two weeks and couldn’t wrap my head around how we would manage two babies who were going to be 18 months apart!  We discovered that we needed a bigger table in the kitchen, we needed to figure out new sleeping arrangements for the cubs, we even had to buy a bigger vehicle to accommodate two car seats and a booster.  

I didn’t really get it yet, that God was in control and not me.  So, to ensure that we didn’t have anymore surprises, I convinced Poppa Bear (PB) to go “take care of himself” because if we did decide later on that we wanted more children, his procedure was reversible.  Little did we know that this procedure would lead to the discovery of prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer screenings are recommended beginning at the age of 40.  PB was 35.  Look at God!


God knew I would still try to be in control.  

God knew what was ahead for PB.

God knew that having PB go through that procedure would reveal a bigger issue.

God knew that PB wouldn’t make it to his 40th birthday if the prostate cancer hadn’t been discovered earlier.

God gave Cub 4’s life a purpose before she was even introduced to us.

God knew that I needed a lesson on trusting in Him, and he orchestrated it in such a way that I felt convicted, forgiven, and extremely thankful.

Convicted for thinking that I was in control of my life.  Forgiven for how much I complained and the shame I felt for thinking that I needed to “help God out” like He didn’t know what He was doing.  Thankful that He has blessed PB to live eight cancer-free years, and thankful for Cub 4. 

Cub 4’s entrance into our lives has been pure joy and happiness.  

She is our little dancing machine and budding gymnast.

She is always smiling and friendly to everyone.  She is creative and active.

She is loved by all who know her, especially our Party of Six!  Most importantly, she is a daughter of the King!

Happy 9th Birthday to our baby cub!!

Mama Bear

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Psalm 61:2 (A Throwback Thursday Moment)

From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

June 23, 2010. This is a page from a journal I found from 7 years ago. Poppa Bear’s first day back at home after having his prostatectomy. I had to keep track of his prescriptions and eating habits for awhile during recovery.

The cubs were 10, 6, 1 and 5 months old. Wow! ONLY GOD kept me sane! Lol!

After that summer, we were told that they didn’t get all of the cancer and he had to do 8 weeks of radiation. The enemy tried and failed, because this is the year that I learned to Psalm 61:2 (yes, I turned it into a verb) EV-VER-RY-THANG!

Don’t get your pressure up worrying about stuff. Sprint to the Rock, our Savior, when you start to get overwhelmed with life.

Momma Bear

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November Already?!

So, about that Write31Days Challenge…

I failed.

I mean, I’ve missed the last sixteen days. Sixteen very fast-moving days. In the blink of an eye, it’s November already!

I’m wrapping up with these last few thoughts about being married to a preacher:

1 – We don’t get our prayers answered any quicker than anyone else. We also don’t get a “yes” for everything we ask for. Poppa Bear’s access to God is the same as everyone else’s. If all of our prayers were answered, Tank would still be around…but, it’s not. I’m not bitter.

2 – PB supports me in ministry just as much as I support him. So much so, that he has spent our past two wedding anniversaries with me in Las Vegas during the Leading and Loving It Re:Treat! Being a part of Leading and Loving It has given me the opportunity to share with other pastor’s wives and women in ministry. He knows that I love serving in this capacity, and his support makes serving even easier.

3 – PB has mastered being able to eat in fifteen minutes or less. I am not exaggerating. I thought teachers were fast eaters, but preachers are right there in the same lane. When there’s no one around to interrupt his eating, he always finishes first.

4 – PB is normal (pretty much!). We don’t listen to gospel 24/7. We don’t have The Word Network on our television all day and night. Every family dinner doesn’t turn into bible study lessons. We like to have fun like any other family, and we love going on dates. Our last date night was with Boyz II Men!

5 – We make our kids serve in church even if they don’t want to. We are the adults; they are the children. They will always have a choice. They just have to be ready for whatever consequence (or reward) comes out of the choices they make. They will serve God and His people until they are no longer living in our house.

6 – We support our church and community activities as much as possible. Even if that means dressing in costumes for Trunk or Treat. God has blessed us with friends and church family who are just as sold out as we are when it comes to serving God and His people.

Overall, we LOVE being a ministry family and I LOVE being married to my preacher man!

I think I would do much better with writing every 31 days instead of writing 31 days in a row! I’ll check in with you all again soon and I won’t wait for 31 days to pass. I promise!

~ Married to the preacher man