I Don’t Wanna Go Back!!!

I keep telling myself this every time I look at my girls.  I wish they could come back to school with me!  I spent the first part of my day yesterday back at Malcolm.  Yeah, I don’t have to be back there until the 24th of this month, but I just wanted to get a head start on organizing my room.  I don’t have any really creative ideas in mind yet, so I put away some supplies and worked on the computer a little while. Right now everything is pretty much slammed into the front of the room covering my whiteboard.  I’ll show the “after” picture in a couple of weeks.  Cubs 3 (Leah) and 4 (Moriah) were with me today. 

Today has been productive!  Cub 1 (Micah) had his first counseling session…we are praying for good results from all of this.  Since we felt really good about the first session, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at World of Wings…and six hours later I’m still full!!  Definitely, a new favorite spot for the Party of 6 even though they automatically added the gratuity to our bill because there were six in our party.  That’s the first time that’s happened!

After lunch, Cub 1 had an appointment at America’s Best for new glasses.  He chose two really cute frames and added the transitions lenses to one pair because he wants to look cool when he’s outside…is the “tween” stage starting???  We finally made it back home around 4 this afternoon and it’s been stormy ever since.  So, I’m headed downstairs to get on the treadmill and to do a little Bow Flex-ing since we cannot get outside for our normal evening walk.  I’ve gotta get rid of this baby fat!!

Peace and blessings!