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As the school year begins…

Gotta love workshops!  Why did I sign up for this math workshop during my last week of vacation??  I have to be up and out by 7:15am every day this week.  I just finished reading over my confirmation info. and it states that there will be homework every night.  WHAT?!  I learned very quickly last year that I don’t get any schoolwork completed at home.  I would bring home a bag of stuff to work on only to discover the next morning that the bag was in the same place that I had placed it the afternoon before.  So, I’m a little worried about this homework thing.  I probably won’t have the opportunity to vent about my week until the weekend.  I really hope it’s worth it.

Our day was great!  We were only 15 minutes late for church this morning.  My aunts came to the church to visit which was a pleasant surprise.  PB preached a great sermon – at least the bits and pieces that I caught were great.  Does anyone besides me find it very hard to get “into worship” because of your kids?  I love having them in church with me, but sometimes I could really use a children’s church or something so that I can enjoy the service.  If I close my eyes to pray or really concentrate on what is being said, and not pay attention to my kids, there is always the possibility of objects being thrown over the balcony or someone crawling under the pews or drawings in a hymn book.  It’s very frustrating sometimes.  After church today, we gathered together our belongings from PB’s office and started making our way to the back door when we heard a muffled, faint “Mommy” behind us…yep, PB locked poor little Cub 3 in his office with the lights out!  He quickly unlocked the door (and she was not happy) so that she could re-join the family.  Seriously…do we need to start doing a head count before we leave places now??  Cub 3 earned a box of Reese’s Pieces because of the whole ordeal.  Cub 2 also earned a box of Whoppers today because PB used his fear of big dogs as an illustration during his sermon today and he was not happy!  Cub 2 also started learning to ride his bike today without the training wheels! He got the hang of it quickly which was great because I thought I was going to pass out trying to run beside him to hold him up! Lol!  He did a great job!


Since I’m back to work tomorrow, Mom is back to take care of Cubs 3 and 4 for the school year.  We are all happy to have her back for another school year!  Enjoy your week!

Peace and blessings!


5 thoughts on “As the school year begins…”

  1. Worship is an important part of both our children’s and our own lives. Children don’t learn from sermons not being presented on their level. Therefore as soon as our children become bored they develop ants in their pants. They want to make noise, laugh out loud, talk loudly, play with their peers who are seated in pews across the asile. Therefore, a children’s program is needed. Children have the opportunity to learn about God in “fun” ways. They get to move around and be active. While parents get to enjoy their “traditional” worship service and not worry that their child is disturbing another adult. Most important they are being watched over and still learning about God.

  2. As grandmother to nine now, I frequently have one or two preschool visitors with me. I must admit that acquainting children with worship services is not exactly a worshipful adventure for the parent, but is a training time for these young ones into the traditions of our family. The little ones enjoy the singing and the Bible lesson coloring pages on a small clipboard which they pick up as they come in. And they look forward to the children’s time at the front of the church before they are dismissed to their classes. The first 20 minutes seems about all their attention spans can hold. The parents and all others sitting around me can then appreciate the remainder of the service knowing the children are supervised and learning at their own level. Work with your children’s ministry team to come up with alternatives. I certainly know what you are talking about. Good luck!! Lynda

  3. Yes it is hard to concentrate when you are focus on something else and children church is needed for the parent and the child. PB did preach a good sermon yesterday. The sermon series has been good. WOW….I feel you about the conference on you last week of vacation. I hope you do not get much homework. Lol

    1. The homework hasn’t been too bad. Some people are paying to take this workshop as a graduate course, so they are getting graduate credit. They have a little more. 🙂

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