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Rub a Dub Dub…

…TWO girls in the tub!!  It’s the little things in our party of six that get me excited!  Last night’s excitement came from being able to put Cubs 3 and 4 in the tub at the same time!  Cub 4 is a very good sitter now, so on the eve of her 7 month birthday, I graduated her from the individual tub to the big tub with her sister!  It cuts bath time (including undressing and dressing) almost in half!  Cub 4 had a great time playing with Cub 3’s Dora toys and duck, but Cub 3 was not really feeling like sharing last night.  She is in that stage where everything belongs to her even if it’s not hers – she just has to be holding it at the time.  Last night it was “My water!”and “My Dora!”  Tonight was a little better, but I’ve added purchasing new tub toys on my to-do list for this weekend.

The new school year means new specs for Cub 1.  Here’s a picture of him in one of his new frames with Transition lenses.

I have one more day of the math workshop! Yay!  It has been an awesome week, and I hope to be able to use a lot of what we learned this year.  The county I work for tends to pay big bucks for all of these workshops and new material, but they have us test the students in the same old way.  Then, we tend to go back to teaching in the same old way.  We’ll see what’s in store for this year next week.  Maybe they’ll prove me wrong.  Within this workshop, the participants were put into three groups, and we have been rotating between three presenters.  These presenters are top-knotch experts in the area of using hands-on problem solving in math.  One presenter was the 2008 Teacher of the Year for the state of Massachusettes.  In other words, they know their stuff.  So, in my group there is one lady – let’s call her Intoleranta – who disagrees with EVERYTHING that any of the presenters has to say if it’s not what she believes.  Have you ever had to deal with someone like Intoleranta??  If not, maybe you’re that person in your circle of friends! Lol! Just kidding!  Seriously, she’s just one of those people who refuses to think outside of the box.  In Intoleranta’s little world, her way is the only way that makes sense, and if you don’t see it her way she refuses to listen anymore;  she just shuts down.  It has been driving me crazy all week and I just feel bad for her students.  We should always be willing to see a situation from a different perspective than our own. 

Almost forgot!  Please say a special prayer for my friend, Amanda, in PA.  Her mom is very ill and we need everyone interceding on her behalf.  Thanks!

Peace and blessings!