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Friends are…

We had such a LONG day yesterday!  PB is doing a revival this week in Spotsylvania County.  He kicked off the revival week at an afternoon service yesterday.  On our way back, we spent an hour trying to get over the Nice bridge on Rt. 301.  Traffic is everyone’s enemy, but for the party of six it can be a NIGHTMARE!  We managed to do very well with the wait, however.  We played “I Spy” until it got dark.  When we left Spotsylvania, we were on track to be home by 8:00pm, but that turned out to be 9:30pm.  I know the purpose of revivals and enjoy them occasionally, but they are not fun times for the preacher’s wife!  But, that’s a whole new blog subject!
The party of six has been busy trying to squeeze in everything possible before heading back to school next week, and heading back to our busy schedule.  We had to take advantage of Ihop’s kids eat free deal (going on for the whole month of August) on Friday.  Gotta love free food!  On Saturday, we spent most of our day at the Chesapeake Beach water park.  It was our first time going there which is always stressful for me because little things like not knowing if our double stroller will be able to manuever through whatever obstacles there can turn a fun time, into a frustrating one.  However, it was the most kid-friendly water park that I’ve ever experienced.  The staff was great, kids weren’t totally crazy, and there was good food.  We were invited there by our friends, the Malones.  In the party of six, we have made up our own definition of good friends:
(n.) anyone who wants to spend time with us (again) after their initial experience with whole party of six.
The Malones certainly fit this definition for us.  Of course, individually, we all have our own criteria for good friends and they are probably all different.  Here’s what I know you should NOT want in a friend – (1) someone who makes you feel inferior to them; puts you down or bosses you around, (2) someone who only talks about themselves and doesn’t ask how YOU are doing,  and/or (3) someone who you can’t trust your secrets with.  Friends are people who make you feel good about yourself. You should leave a visit with friends, or end a conversation with friends and be eager to see them or talk to them again.  Friends are concerned about your ups and downs and they call you to find out what’s going on with you – not just to talk about what’s going on with them.  Friends are trustworthy.  You should be able to tell your friend ANYTHING that you don’t want others to know about, and know that it is safe with them no matter what.  I’d be interested in hearing what friends are (and are not) for you.  Please share if you’d like.  Here’s a few pics from our day at the water park.

Cub 1 and Cub 3 on a slide.
Cub 4
Cub 3 and Cub 2 with Jen
Peace and Blessings!

3 thoughts on “Friends are…”

  1. Love the blog! I agree with your definition of a friend; wish more people understood what it means to be and to have a TRUE friend! It’s a wonderful feeling being a true friend and knowing what true friendship feels like!!!

  2. Wow! You know, my ultimate goal is to run my own preschool from my house, but your comments make me second guess my plans! Lol! Thanks for sharing your definition of a good friend. I agree with you!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog to this point and can’t wait to see what all this terrific adventure has instored. I see that the “lil women” has their ears pierced; Cub 2 now knows how to ride his bike (GREAT); and Cub 1 has the “cool” glasses now. I am glad that Rev. Kay was able to get all the much needed rest in order to fully heal. When I first saw him back, I said to myself, “He is not ready for this yet”; however, he preached that sermon as if he had never left. Thank God that he was able to get everything “patched” away beforehand.

    Me being a preschool teacher and having my babies (lil men/women) all year long is quiet a task. I now understand what public school teachers mean when saying that they will be glad when the simmer comes around. Oh, how I wish it was like that for my preschool. This summer was the first time that my kiddos went to the pool. It was quiet an adventure/journey/task. I had some that knew how to swim, I had some that didn’t know how to swim, and I had some that “thought” they knew how to swim. There was one episode where the lifeguard had ro jump in and rescue one of my kiddos. Was she crying? NO!! She was trying to tell the guard that her brother said that the only way she will learn to swim is if she jump in and try it on here on. BUT!! She jump in 5 ft. of water!! OMG, right!! There was another episode where we were at the playground and one of my kiddos called out her “stepfather” on the corner and said she was going to tell her mom that he was out “cheating.” But, what make it so bad, she kept going on and on about it. After her nap, she was still talking about it. And, yes, when her mother came to get her, SHE TOLD!! What in the world are the parents today teaching these children. Lets just say “IM GLAD THE SUMMER IS NOW OVER!” Not that I’m glad to get rid of my summer kiddos but you can definitely tell the summers children from my regular school year children. LOL..

    My ideal friend is someone whom you can sit and talk to no matter what the problem is. If one of us is hurting, the other will life our spirits. A friend is someone whom you can tell your secrets to and it not get posted anywhere or you hear it repeated. Also, a friend is someone whom is like a sister/brother. The two may have arguments and even go through trial times but in the end you both smile and make up. Friends keep each other encouraged and motivated and give that extra push when needed. However, at the end of the day and if/when all fails, there is no other friend within the human race that has more admiration, spiritual guidance, emotion, encouragement, morals, and values than our God Almighty!!

    Many Blessings,


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