Let’s Get It Started!

All of the cubs are in bed and we are ready for the first day of school!  My classroom is (almost) ready for all 26 of my Twittlebugs.  Remember this before shot a couple of weeks ago?

Here’s what it looked like on Friday before I left.


Back of the room


Front of the room


We had our Meet and Greet on Friday morning.  I think I had more former students and parents stop by to say hello than I did new students and parents.  I have a few more things to do tomorrow morning, but it won’t start looking like a real classroom until student work is hanging up everywhere.

Cub 1 is not at all excited about going back to school even though he’s at the top of the food chain this year.  Most of you know about how extremely high his anxiety level can get, so we’re hoping to keep that at a new record low.  Cub 2 is our “social king.”  We are hoping to keep the notes home for talking too much to a minimum this year (wonder who he gets that from??).  He  is so excited about going back to school, I’m surprised that he fell asleep so easily.

I can’t wait to share my first day of school with you all!  Gotta get some sleep for my busy day!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about the first day! I was thinking today that I wished Waldorf was just a wee bit closer to Philly so I could come down and volunteer in your classroom on a regular basis!

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