Discovering the Purpose

The Party of Six is relaxing today.  On Saturday, we went to PB’s favorite seafood restaurant, Skippers, for lunch and to celebrate making it through a very difficult summer.  Yesterday afternoon, PB had to preach at a church in Arlington, so the cubs and I tagged along.  This is only because we had today off because of the holiday.  Normally, during the school year I don’t attend afternoon engagements with him because Sundays become “Prepare for the Week Day.”  Clothes have to be washed, outfits planned, lesson plans typed up, and discussions about the who, what, when, where, and why that’s on the agenda for the week has to be thought through.  Cub 2 is playing flag football now.  This year he’s playing for the Giants.  Practices are twice a week and games are on Saturday mornings.  The first game is on this Saturday.  Then, we’ll transition right into Upward basketball at the beginning of November.  Losing those hours on Saturday mornings will change the “rhythm” of the house until the spring.  

 I’m hoping this week flies by so that we can celebrate dedicating Cub 4 at church on Sunday!  The last of the cubs to be dedicated definitely makes it emotional for me.   Emotional because I can remember (and some of you can too!) me crying like crazy when I found out that I was pregnant the fourth time, and really not knowing how we were going to survive another family transition.  As always, God had a purpose.  After adjusting to the realism of another pregnancy, we all began to get excited about welcoming Cub 4 into our family.  What many people don’t know is that we decided to make sure no more cubs were going to be conceived after Cub 4, so PB willingly had the “V-word” done not long after she was born.  Through this process, we found out about the prostate cancer – God’s purpose.  If we did not have Cub 4, we would not have known about the cancer growing in PB’s body as early as we found out.  I don’t even want to think about what the outcome may have been if it had not been discovered until 15 years from now!  When I’m hit with valleys and uphill battles, I automatically go into a whiny “why me” mode, but when I discover the purpose for it, everything seems so much better!  Sometimes, it takes years to discover the purpose, or just a few hours, but the point is to remember that there is a purpose.

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. I am so glad you posted this…I truly understand how you feel when it comes to God’s purpose. I am waiting patiently for God to reveal his purpose on a couple of things in my life. I used to wonder how people could smile and praise God when they were going through, but as I get closer to Him, I realize that there is so much power behind that praise! Just keep on praising Him…He has already given us the victory!

  2. What a powerful posting. I am always in awe of God and why he does what he can do and why he plans somethings.

    I still say book….


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