It’s Been a Tough One

What an emotionally draining week!  Earlier in the week, a friend suffered the loss of her baby, then our Ebenezer family loss a sweet, kind, willing-worker for the Kingdom, then another friend experienced loss just this afternoon.  It is always hard to understand and can be difficult to handle whether it is expected or unexpected.  My father passed away almost 6 years ago, a few weeks before Christmas, and I still keep his Christmas present in my closet.  Even though it’s been a while, losing him is still difficult to handle sometimes.  Please add people dealing with loss to your prayer list.  It doesn’t just apply to those who have loss someone, but to those who have loss something, as well.

Just to end on a positive note, Cub 4 has mastered the art of CRAWLING and she is all over the place!!     

It’s opened up a whole new world for her!  I tried to get a good picture of her in action, but she’s just too fast and wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get a good shot! Lol!  She’s really growing fast!  

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Tough One”

  1. Linda’s passing was a shock…I just started to cry when I got the news. I immediately thought back to the loss of my brother 7 years ago. Like Doris, I too have known Linda for more than 30 years; she was always willing to serve; especially when she lived within walking distance to the church. She will be missed! R.I.P. Linda!

    Peace and blessings,


  2. I truly understand about losing someone. My dad died 7 years ago this past August after we found out that he had cancer a month earlier. We were not expecting him to be that sick nor to die that soon after finding out what he had. Mom had just retired and they were planning their time together for the next round of their life.

    Linda will truly be missed by the EBC family and I am praying for her family and will also lift up those you mention in you post that have lost a love one this week.

    Peace, Pat

  3. Yes, EBC lost a jewel yesterday. Linda and I have friends since I joined EBC over 30 years ago. As far as I can determine I am probably one of the last if not the last person who spoke with her. I was devastated when I received word of her passing last evening. She was my ACE!! Linda and I did so many things together. I will really miss her. My one regret is that she didn’t get to enjoy her retirement, but that’s alright because she has the ultimate retirement. She just retired at the end of July after 44 years with federal government. She will truly be missed. Last October I lost one of my best friends from college and now Linda this October. October doesn’t seem to be a good month for me but October was a good month for both of them because they got to really go home.
    I see the li’l miss on her kneeing escapades. LOL

    1. So sorry, Doris! I’m not usually easily affected by loss at EBC because I don’t know everyone like PB does, but Linda was one that has truly tugged at my heart. She will definitely be missed.

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