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What Day Is It?

It’s just another manic Monday…I mean Tuesday…is it Friday already?  I’m glad the week is flying by, but I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything!  One of my friends said it best on her facebook page earlier this week – being superwoman is not at all what it’s cracked up to be!  I was looking forward to having a productive work day in my classroom on Tuesday only to find out that our day was jammed-packed with mini-meetings.  All of which were very informative and helpful; just unexpected.  I came home to find out that Cub 1 had not accomplished anything at all.  After leaving work, going to the dentist, and voting, I found him still in his robe like it was 7:00 in the morning instead of 5:00 in the evening!  My mother asked him if he was going to get dressed and his response was “Why? Are we going somewhere today?”  I have to admit I was a little jealous because I don’t get to have any pajama days unless I’m sick.  Pajama days are definitley my favorite days!  But, not only did Cub 1 decide he wasn’t getting dressed, he decided not to complete ANY of his homework!  So, my jealousy turned to frustration very quickly.  Tomorrow (Friday) is yet another day off for students, but not for Cub 1 – although he still gets to stay in his pajamas! Ugh!

Cub 3 has become Lil’ Miss Attitude recently.  She has been testing her limits at the dinner table every night this week.  On Tuesday, she would not eat the green beans or corn on her plate and I told her that she couldn’t get up until she ate one of the two.  Needless to say, she fell asleep in the chair!  I had to get a pic before waking her up for bath time.  Kodi, our Shih Tzu, waited patiently under the table for food to drop from Cub 3’s plate like normal.  I’ll be happy when she realizes that Momma Bear always gets her way!


The county fair is on our agenda for this weekend!  Tons of good food and smelly animals! Can’t wait!

Peace and Blessings!