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A Little Bit of Happiness

The Party of Six cannot function without following a tight schedule and routine as close as possible every day.  There’s a morning routine for getting out of the door on time for school, and there’s an evening routine that begins once we all get home.  Homework is taken care of first for Cubs 1 and 2. Dinner is finished around 6:00.  Bath time is at 7:00, and the younger cubs are in bed at 8:00 in hopes of them falling asleep by 8:30.  This has been and is our normal routine during the school year. 

Cub 3 knows the routine very well for a 2-year-old with an “it’s all about me” mentality, however every night when I say that dreaded phrase – “It’s time for night-night” – she breaks down into a loud, painful, dramatic cry like I was denying her food or some other need.  She LOVES playing with her grandmother and siblings in the evening, watching The Wiggles or Barney, and she never wants to stop.  She cries through the whole process of walking upstairs, turning on her Tinkerbell night lights, and crawling into bed.  She calms down long enough to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me, or to listen to a book, and then it’s back to crying for a few more minutes just to let me know that she’s still not happy with going to bed.  Some nights, I wonder if she will ever change her routine.  I mean, I feel like crying every night because I can’t get in the bed fast enough, not because I don’t want to go to bed!  So, I decided to take a cue from Cub 3.  Every night (when I do finally get into my bed), I reflect on the events of the day and try to find one thing that would be worth crying over because it had to end.  What was that little bit of happiness that happened during my day that would make me sad to see it end? 

Today, it was leaving Virginia Beach after spending a few days with PB celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  Having time alone is rare for us, so it was a nice break from our norm to get away. 

The view from our balcony.

Another little bit of happiness was seeing our cubs when we first walked in the door this afternoon.  I think they missed us just as much as we missed them!  We missed Cub 2 losing a front tooth last night, but Grandma got a nice picture of it for us!

Excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

What was that little bit of happiness for you today?

Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Happiness”

  1. I leave for VA Beach tomorrow for a wedding. Hope EBC has a successful Homecoming.
    Glad you two had some getaway time at the Beach last week. Happy belated anniversary.
    I love Tidewater and my extended family that lives there. And I get to visit twice because Hampton’s Homecoming is Nov. 6th so I’m really looking forward to my trips after having been cooped up all summer.
    Cub 2 looks cute with his missing tooth. I’ve got a little something for Leah. I missed her birthday because of the dreaded leg ;>(

    1. It’s our favorite place! We hadn’t been down there in a long time. We’ve always said that’s where we’re going to retire. Have fun this weekend!

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