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Really?  Burnt out after seven short years?  Yes, I think I’m in that “throw in the towel” mode with this teaching thing.  I feel like I’m losing the joy of teaching that I used to have.  Not sure if it’s school issues or home issues or a combination of both, but I’m definitely in need of a break.  PB thinks I’m going through a burnt out phase and that it will pass.  So – my teacher friends out there – let me know if you’ve felt like you’re not making a bit of difference, and more importantly, PLEASE tell me that it passes quickly!

Besides being in my little “funk” with school, things at home are also in a period of transition.  A few weeks ago, PB was called to another church.  There are feelings of excitement as we look to meet and join with a new church family at First Baptist Church of North Brentwood, but there are also feelings of sadness as we say good-bye to our church family at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  The whole process has been truly God-led, but that’s another whole blog topic.

Last weekend, the Party of 6 went to a Halloween party at a co-worker’s house.  Cub 2 is one of four teacher’s kids in the first grade at Malcolm Elem.  There are three boys and one girl (of course, the girl is the boss of them all).  We have to limit their playtime at school, but when they all have the opportunity to get together outside of school, it’s always a great time!  Cubs 1 and 2 were Iron Man and Iron Man’s sidekick (can’t remember his name).  Cub 3 was a pumpkin.  We don’t take the time, nor do we have the time to throw together elaborate custom-made costumes.  A quick 30-minute trip to the costume shop is worth it – for our sanity! Lol!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Now, now, Little Momma–you were born to teach and to be a mother. You are a natural. Just take a station break….then get back in the game. The holiday break is coming up…..try to find some “me” time and re-group. You are so gifted and the field of education as well as the students need innovative thinking teachers like you!

    Did you say Brentwood’s services started at 9:00a.m.???? Lawd have mercy!!!! Oh well..a preacher gotta do what a preacher gotta do!!

  2. How precious…look at Cub 3’s face; I understand how she’s able to get what she wants from daddy! What an angel!! I’m sure Cub 2 gets his way with mommy from time to time with his smile!

  3. I am praying for you! Also, you definitely do make a difference in the students’ lives, parents’ lives, your family and friends’ lives. We may not express it but we couldn’t make it without your inspiration. There are a lot of changes happening in your personal life right now. Hang in there! Let God take control. He’ll see you through the good & bad.
    🙂 Hugs!!

    (I love the costumes. I am attempting to transform Caleb into Sampson for Joy night at church. He was a wrestler for character day at school. )

  4. Precious little goblins! I don’t want you to give up teaching, but I do think that there might be a need for being more realistic with your schedule. Managing a family of three young ones is a full time job, plus another full time job being a pastor’s family. What could you get assistance on that would lessen your load?

    IF you decide to take a break from teaching, Do keep your foot in the education door so that you can return at a later time. You are a good teacher. Other children need your gifts!!! Where is Brentwood? I know a Brentwood TN near Nashville. Obviously a distant move would make some changes needed.

    1. I’ve been thinking about all types of moves – possibly into a teacher’s assistant spot. I could still enjoy working with children without the full responsibility of a full-time teacher. Brentwood is in Maryland. I’m not familiar with the area, but I’m told it’s not far from the University of Maryland – College Park. We drive through DC and then back into Maryland to get there. Eventually, we will move to get a little closer to the church. It’s a 45-60 min. drive from our house right now. If/When the housing market gets better, we can attempt to sell our house. Thank you so much for your advice and kind words!

  5. I completely understand your burn out situation. This is my eleventh year of teaching. I am a special education teacher, and I knew the very first year that I had to make a goal of getting out of teaching by year ten. Sometimes we have a year when the students are motivated, well-behaved, and so are their parents…the next year rolls around and gives you the exact opposite. It is in that year that many teachers decide to throw in the towel. Therefore, I made a decision to become an administrator. As the teachers have stated right now, it may not be the best time to change careers, but who says you cannot go up the rungs of the ladder. While I am taking these classes, I see teaching in a total new light. Hang in there…it will get better! We definitely need to get together to chat and so I can see my adorable cousins! Love you:)

    1. I have no desire to go into admininstration!! My hats off to you and Shelly for taking that step! By the time I hit year 10, all of the kids will be in school (Cub 4 will be heading to Pre-K), so maybe I could switch to an office job. I do LOVE having my summers off, though, to spend with my babies! You and your crew should come up one Saturday and spend the night and head to church with us the next morning. First Baptist starts at 9:00am (whew!). But, PB could babysit while we head out for some relaxing time on Saturday. Just a thought…

  6. Hey 🙂 First of all…the kids costumes are so cute! I told Keith that I want to learn how to sew b/c I want to be creative and make the girls costumes. Do I have time for that??? NOPE! Its just so much easier to run into the store and buy one. 🙂 I am really going to try to make it one of my goals within the next couple of years.
    School funk huh??? Yep, a part of me is right with you even with my position change. I am on overload when it comes to learning new things. My brain can only take so much. I feel like they (whoever they is) are always throwing something new at you to learn and then you are expected to teach the kids. There are so many resources they give you that no one has time to look over and utilize. I don’t know about Charles. Co, but Calvert has new guidelines for IEP’s and the teachers have to have work samples 5 days ahead of time or something like that. There are also gradebook changes (which is our electronic grading system) and so teachers have to remember those. Then there’s this “Race to the Top” thing that I’m sure you have heard about. The title in itself bothers me. Why does everything have to be a race? We need to SLOW DOWN! If we race, then guess what….someone is going to be left behind and fall through the crack. Plus, from what I understand the students grades will affect the teachers performance rating. What if you have a class full of kids with special needs? behavior issues? Oh my as you can see, I can talk about this forever!
    I have contemplated a complete job change as well, but not sure if its a good move. I don’t want to get into something that I completely hate and I don’t want a pay cut. A part of me thinks that I should be happy b/c there are people who would die for a job right now b/c they can’t support their family and are on the verge of losing their house.
    Hey…I like your blog…I’m able to vent! I kinda feel better!!! 🙂 hahaha I hope you are able to work out your job situation…it will all work out in the end. I’m right there with you! I don’t know about you, but I often question myself…what else am I good at? Staying home!!!! 🙂 haha I’ll send a prayer your way 🙂 xoxox Hope to see you soon!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mel! I think you’re right! Things are moving SO FAST with this Race to the Top and the demands are SO GREAT that it’s impossible to keep up! We’re trying to play catch up to other countries who’ve always made education a priority. I don’t want to leave the education field or working with children, but I have to make some changes.

  7. Maybe its a cohort thing because I feel the same way this year. I am contemplating a career change for the reasons Doris stated above but I don’t know if, in the current economic times, its a good idea. I guess time will tell.
    P.S. I love your blog! You have a very busy life!

    1. Thanks, Em! I wonder if others in the cohort are feeling the same way? I cannot and do not want to stop working in the field of education, but I’m thinking it’s time to leave the classroom or change schools, grade level, or something!

  8. Yes, I felt burned out many years before I retired. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t leave at the first hint of a burn-out. By the time I really wanted to alter my career I was making too much money for a change. I could never find a job that would pay me as much as I was making in FCPS.
    In hindsight, I think about the children I’ve taught over the years and how we’ve reconnected over FB and I DO KNOW that I did make a difference in their lives. Their words and continued show of love and appreciation to me for always being there for them has stood the test of time. Their parents also continually thank me for the difference I made in their children’s lives.When teaching became too political, test driven, and was no longer fun I realized it was time to go. A lot of my colleagues and friends have abandoned teaching for the very same reasons. While I still loved the children, I no longer loved teaching. With that kind of restraint I felt like I just couldn’t give the kids my best. My creativity and teaching style was being kept inside the box and that was NOT me. Being told how, what, and when to teach was stiffling me and my students. We missed so many teachable moments.
    Teaching has to be fun as does any job you do. If it’s not fun, you’re just existing.
    Tell PB it’s a lot like his calling. You’ve got to love teaching unconditionally to to commit yourself to it without reservation

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