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Turkey Day is almost here!!!  I have been looking forward to my very long weekend for quite some time, and I’m glad it’s finally here!  Thanksgiving Day will be spent in the great NNK (Northern Neck) of Virginia.  It wasn’t until I left home that I discovered that there is truly NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  I can remember not being able to wait until I could leave Northumberland County during my teen years, and now I can’t wait to get back there whenever we have the opportunity.  The cubs love going to their grandmothers’ houses because all rules that apply at home, are almost never enforced there. 

Traveling to the NNK takes about 1-1/2 hours from southern Maryland.  However, the Party of Six can easily turn a 1-1/2 hour trip into a 2-1/2 hour trip if we don’t come up with strategies (and back up strategies) for the drive.  Here are some tips for trying to make the most out of the road trips.

Party of Six Travel Guidelines:

1.  Everyone must use the bathroom before loading up the vehicle.  It’s inevitable that Cub 1 or 2 will still need to stop for a bathroom break so…

2.  Always travel with an empty “emergency” bottle that can be used to prevent any accidents because you’re trying to make “good time.”

3.  Provide food, or when stopping to gas up, buy snacks that everyone will eat.  Last Sunday, on our way to Caroline County, I made the mistake of buying Cub 3 a snack that she did not want. She let all of us know that she wasn’t happy from Arlington to Ladysmith.  We learned that in order to make “good time”  the kids need to come into the store with you so that they can pick out their own snacks for the trip.

4. Provide entertainment, or allow one choice of toy/handheld video game system to be brought along for the trip.  Make sure that the toys do not shoot darts or make noises that you will hear playing in your head for the rest of the day or are small enough to get stuck in between the seats.  These items will not help with making “good time.”

5.  If you threaten to pull the vehicle over to settle arguments that happen along the way, be sure to do it after only one warning or they won’t take you seriously.  They’ll catch on to the fact that you’re still trying to make “good time” and pulling over will delay the trip even more.

6.  Instead of answering the questions “How much longer?” or “How many more minutes?” over and over and over again, just teach them how to read the info on the GPS so that they can answer those questions for themselves.

7.  Finally, when you reach your destination in “good time” thank God for getting you there safely! 

Our family trips are always full of surprises, but I wouldn’t trade the memories that we’re making for anything!!  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

Peace and Blessings!

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  1. Love It!!!!!! When you publish that first book be sure to include my name in it lol….God has put that talent in you and it shows from your blog…too bad Oprah is retiring (her lost). This is definitely your journey and it shows….On this note have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving and most importantly relax and enjoy yourself. Happy Thanksgiving to the Kay Family Love You Guys…Oh one more thing….”Are We There Yet”? lol!!!!!

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