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Who You Representin’?

I’m sitting in Cub 4’s room waiting for her to fall asleep.  She is definitely our “wild child”!  With the previous cubs, putting them to bed for the night was just a matter of putting them in the crib and turning off the light.  They would lay in the crib and slowly drift off to sleep.  However, Cub 4 has a little bit of Speedy Gonzalez, the Road Runner, and the Tazmanian devil all wrapped into one little body!  I have a body pillow laying in front of her crib because I’m convinced that she is going to jump, shake, or flip her way out of this crib if I’m not in here to say “No! No!” or “Lay Down!”  So while I’m waiting for her to fall asleep, I thought I’d get some thoughts out of my head and into my blog.

Our busy bee loves crawling under things!

She only knocked the tree over once (so far)!
Cub 4 with her great grandmother

After spending time with my family and PB’s family over the holiday weekend, I realized that I’m so thankful for the families to which I belong.  Even with all of our good and bad, failures and successes, gains and losses, they play such a huge role in the person that I am today.  Have you ever met someone for the first time who may know your family and they ask, “Are you related to the [your family name]?” or “You must be a [family name], because you look just like…”   Hopefully, that makes you proud that they recognize something in you that is unique to your family. 

We have many groups that we belong to at some time or another and being labeled with the group can be good or bad.  When I was in high school, I traveled during the summer as part of a youth mission choir called the Voices of Youth.  We spent our summers doing mission work, then we would go on tour and give concerts around the country and world about our experiences as missionaries.  Once, we stopped at a convenience store and a member of the choir bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and a pack of cigarettes.  He didn’t think it was a big deal, but our director lectured us all about who we were representing.  We were not individuals, we were the Voices of Youth.  No one was going to remember our individual names or voices, they were going to remember the group.  We were representing our individual churches, our districts, our state conference, the United Methodist denomination, Christians, and God.  He wanted to make sure that we all understood that one person doing or saying the wrong thing, could put a negative label on the WHOLE group, not just the individual.  The truth is, the older I get, the more I see our director’s point.  One person’s actions can definitely mess things up for the whole group.

My friends, Vina and Liz after our last concert during the summer of 1993.

Somewhere (I seriously can’t remember where) I read that we (women/men) should walk around pretending that there is a little boy/girl following us everywhere we go and repeating everything we say.  Would you have to change some of the things that you say or places that you go?  Would you have to think twice about how to say some things?  Are your actions always worthy of the group(s) you’re representing?  Is the group happy to have you as a part of it?

Peace and Blessings!

P.S.  If you think you don’t represent anyone but yourself, you just put yourself in a group!


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  1. So you understand why I am always talking to choir about conduct and choir decorum. I wish we all could have this thought process! Not only do we represent groups we are a part of but most importantly those of us who are Christians represent Jesus!! Now that should really make you watch your behavior!!

    Peace & Love Always!

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