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Inaugural Sunday

The Party of Six had a great, long day as PB officially started at First Baptist Church today.  Everything about the service was wonderful!  Of course, the Party of Six can take even the most formal of occasions and let our true colors shine through!  We didn’t discover this until we got home and started to  watch the video of the service.  All I can say is that we did our best! Lol!

We worked really hard to get ourselves to church on time this morning.  We did a lot of our prep the night before.  Outfits were together, breakfast planned, and a time frame all worked out, but one mistake was made by me.  Cub 3’s outfit was all together except for her shoes, and I assumed that they were downstairs in the family room where she normally pulled them off.  When it was time to head out the door, we could not find them ANYWHERE!  So, I grabbed her size 4 black shoes (one size smaller) and we headed out the door.  I knew they would be a tight fit because she had on thick black cotton tights.  We made it to church in plenty of time still.  Once we got to PB’s office, I treated Cub 3 like Cinderella’s step-sister trying to cram her little foot into that too-little shoe!  It didn’t work!  We were assured by PB’s staff that we weren’t the first to have a shoeless child at church, so we got over it and accepted that “we are who we are”! 

Once we got into the sanctuary and were introduced, we had to stand in front of the church for a few minutes while one of the ministers prayed for us and a litany was read by the church.  It was during this time that the cubs managed to show their true colors, as well.  I mean, I couldn’t make up a story like this if I tried!  While watching the video this afternoon, we discovered Cub 1 striking a pose for pictures during the prayer, Cub 2 looking anywhere and everywhere except down during the prayer, Cub 3 picking her nose and swatting at Cub 2’s head a few times, and Cub 4 alternating between hitting and kissing PB in the face. All in a matter of 10 minutes or less!  If I was technologically-savvy, I would post clips of it all so that you would believe me, but I couldn’t figure it out.  So, if you click on the links below, I copied the video screen a few times and pasted them into Word documents to collect evidence that I’m not making this up.




All we could do was laugh at our Party and at the fact that we are who we are!  Have a great week!

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Inaugural Sunday”

  1. So glad things went well on Sunday. Love it that the Cubs were who they are. That’s why I love them!! Have watched CUBS 1, 2, and 3 since birth grow to be who they are. Will miss watching that ;0) Love the new happy Momma Bear I can feel and hear in your blogs. I can also see in your smile that this is a superb move for the Party of Six. Though I am sad, I am so happy for all of you. Take care and know that though you guys are gone, the love for the Kays in this household does not stop.

  2. OMG!!!! I love it!! My babies being who they are! I am so glad things went well for you. I had you in my prayers. CJ and I will make our way there soon. I miss you much but I’m trying to be helpful at EBC until God tells me to do something else. Give all the Cubs a kiss for me!

    Love ya!

  3. Well, First Baptist welcome to the Party of Six’s world. You guys looked terrific, even shoeless Cinderella. Remember God has everything under control. I love you guys.

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