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All in 2010-April

This was the month that I truly felt like God was as far away as He could possibly be even though I needed him to carry me through all that was happening around me.  Besides still adjusting to life as the Party of Six, Cub 1 continued to cope with his anxiety by putting more eraser pieces in his ears!  Once again, his teacher (bless her heart) caught him putting the pieces in his ear.  Once again, the nurse confirmed it.  A few weeks earlier he had surgery to have objects removed and we were now on our way back again?!  Seriously??!!  But, it wasn’t just Cub 1’s actions that pushed me past what I thought I could bear.  This was also the month that we found out that First Baptist Church of North Brentwood was not interested in PB as their new pastor, and April was also the month that we received confirmation that PB had prostate cancer.  So, yeah, I lost it – right at school in the empty room beside my classroom, and I could not manage to pull myself back together!! 

On that day, Laura M. was substituting at the school.  I met L.M. at the beginning of the school year because she had twin girls who were going to be in my class.  She happened to be scheduled to be with some of my students just in time for my mini-breakdown.  She watched my class while I prayed and cried a little bit longer in that empty classroom.  She also shared with me the name of a behavioral pediatrician at the University of Maryland that had been helpful to her family, and we knew after our first visit with Dr. Trevor Valentine that things would get better for Cub 1. 

I truly believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason and sometimes for a season.  L.M. was one of those angels on earth for me last year.  Think back through some of your difficult times.  Were you ever “touched by an angel” to get you over some of those mountains?  Be sure to pay attention to who God places in your path!  I’m so thankful for my earth angels!!


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  1. Bless God for Angels in the form of friends and acquaintances! While being a great mom and wife; it sounds like you could have used a little “me time” during this period!!

  2. Out of all your blogs, this one really stood on my heart. I know exactly what you mean by our “earthly angels”. The things that you go through in life, and how God manage to open the gate and let his Angels come out and wrap their wings around you. The only thing we can do is Praise Him. Alleluia!!!!!

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