All in 2010-May

May was just a blur.  I do remember Cub 2 getting his first (and only) referral this month.  Those of you who know Cub 2 know that he is always happy and ready for fun.  He’s also very talkative (like PB) and everybody is his “best friend.”  At Malcolm, a referral is an “official” punishment for breaking the rules.  He was “play fighting” on the playground with some of his buddies, and at Malcolm, no contact is allowed.  We have fun, referral-free activities each quarter for those students who do not have any referrals.  So, Cub 2 was sad about not being able to take part in the block party because he LOVES to dance!  Fortunately for him, the block party was on the same day of his Kindergarten promotion so he would’ve missed the party anyway.

Always ready for fun!
Cub 2 struggles to show his “serious” side!
Cub 2 at age 6 - one of the mid kids!
Cub 2 did have his birthday party at Pump It Up taken away.  That was heart-breaking because I like putting together party favor bags and decorations.  But, sometimes in parenting you have to stick with the punishment…say what you mean and mean what you say!  I’m happy to report that this year has been MUCH better! 
Peace and Blessings!