All in 2010-June

Ahh…yes!  The end of the school year always makes me love my job!  It’s also rewarding to see how some students progress and become more confident in themselves and their abilities by the end of the year.  This year, I’m already in countdown mode, but I’m focusing on the number of weeks left instead of the number of days.  The number of weeks left just sounds so much better!  Anyway, my school year was officially over on Friday, June 18th. 

On Monday, June 21st, PB had a prostatectomy.  There are many different treatments for prostate cancer out there, but we decided this was the best option for us.  Now, I’m at my best when I’ve planned and prepared for every scenario  possible in a given situation.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the weeks that followed the surgery.  If you’ve ever had to care for someone after major surgery, then you know what I’m talking about.  Our family and friends, the Malones, the Walters, my Malcolm family and our Ebenezer family were wonderful throughout this stressful time.  The phone calls, emails, texts, cards, flowers, and a couple of Edible Arrangements (devoured by the cubs) were all greatly appreciated.  We were wrapped in prayers, get-well wishes, and words of encouragement on a daily basis.

I learned to be grateful in June – for everything and everyone.

Peace and Blessings!