All in 2010 – July

My PB - 4 weeks after surgery - heading to Disney World on the ferry.

This was still recovery time for PB, so our normal summer activities were cancelled this year except for our vacation in Florida.  PB worked hard to get back to normal as soon as possible this month.  Part of his recovery required him to walk, with a goal of walking one mile a day.  He had to walk with the assistance of a cane for awhile.  He started off just walking out of the bedroom and into the family room in the basement.  Then he graduated to walking upstairs to the first level.  Then he graduated to walking outside.  Finally, he started walking a trail in our neighborhood, and by the end of the summer he managed to lose the cane altogether!  His determination was awesome to witness!

My PB - 4 months after surgery - lookin' yummy!! Lol!