All in 2010-August

Back to school!!  I remember that August came WAY too fast!  Before I knew it, we were school shopping and getting back into our school year routines.  Honestly, my Twittlebugs took me by surprise this year.  I had to give myself a little pep-talk everyday at the beginning of the school year.  They certainly haven’t helped my blah mood, but we will continue to press through this school year.  They are doing much better with the talking.  It’s always amusing to see how quickly their behaviors change once their parents see their first report card grades.   

Back to school also meant that my mom willingly moved back in to watch the girls.  She started with us when Cub 3 was just 4 weeks old.  Now, she’s going into her 3rd year of living with us during the school year.  Yeah, we like to think that the Obamas copied off of us by having their mother move in to watch their girls.  It’s great knowing that Cubs 3 and 4 are being well-taken care of (and spoiled) by their grandma!

Cubs 3 and 4


Peace and Blessings!