All in 2010 – October

It’s our anniversary!  Anniversary!  October is always a good month because PB and I take a long weekend away to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  This year was #13.

My PB and I!!

This was also the month that my brother-in-law officially became the pastor of his first church in Philadelphia.  I miss seeing them every day, but so happy that they’re doing their own thing!

James and Jennifer Buck

October was also the month that God reopened a closed door for PB.  Remember back in the April reflection blog when I mentioned that First Baptist wasn’t interested in him as their next pastor?  Toward the end of the summer they had a change of heart, and in less than three months, PB was elected as their next pastor, after all!  It happened so fast!  My theory is that God knew that PB needed to be totally focused on pulling through surgery and healing.  So, He took First Baptist out of the picture until PB made it through some of the most difficult weeks of his life.  Then, once God saw that he was on his way to recovery, He decided to open that door back up as a reward! 

When God closed the door back in March, he wasn’t saying “It’s not for you,”  He was saying “It’s not for you right now.”  So, count it all joy when the door is closed on your situation.  It might not be that it’s not meant to be…maybe it means it’s not meant to be right now.

Peace and Blessings!