Why Didn’t You Tell Me That?!

Someone could’ve told me…

…that the sound of remote-controlled cars slamming into the walls would drive me crazy!  Our boys have four between the two of them.

Big and little remote-controlled vehicles

…that playing Santa would be more exhausting than child birth!  Staying up all night putting toys together, wrapping gifts quietly and waiting for the over-the-top excited cubs to fall asleep had PB and I crawling in bed around 3:00.  Cub 2 was tapping on my shoulder by 5:30.

…that putting together toys after having only 3 hours of sleep would make me want to cry!!  No…I take that back – getting the toys out of their flippin’ boxes would make me cry first!

...and After!


…that I would need a PhD in Toy Assembly and Operations.

Even though Bumblebee is supposed to transform into a car, we haven't figured it out yet!


…that I would look forward to doing it all again on Christmas Eve 2011!!

Peace and Blessings!