My Only One!!

So there’s this guy I know that is just OUT.STAND.ING! 

He has tons going on all around him, and he’s pulled in many different directions throughout each day, but the complaints are few. I always say I could never do his job (and he says the same about mine). 

He cooks for the family even when we critique his experimental dishes.  He is wrapping up his doctorate and preparing for eight weeks of radiation therapy all while still putting up with the five of us.  He has a HUGE heart and loves being of service to others.  I can always find something new to love about him, and this week (Tuesday) is his birthday!!  

Here’s a birthday toast (I’m holding Mommy’s Sippy Cup) to an awesome father to four great cubs, a passionate pastor to about 2,600 disciples, and an amazing husband to ONE very grateful wife!    Happy Birthday, Baby!!!  We love you to pieces!!!

Peace and Blessings!


7 thoughts on “My Only One!!”

  1. Every five years I throw myself a huge party and this is my year. I will also be changing both numbers!!! So July is going to be the party month!!!

  2. Awwwwwww-he jive alright! Ha! Ha! Naw, he is a wonderful man of God, great Father and jewel of a Husband. Please convey our birthday wishes to him. If I had a stick I would give him birthday licks and licks for some other stuff too!!!! CJ just celebrated his birthday on the 10th. But we know the fabulous celebrations will be in July!!!!

    1. I will let him know what you said! Lol! Please tell CJ happy belated birthday! I’m already making birthday plans NOW because July is a fabulous month for a birthday, isn’t it?

  3. This tops his “Bone of My Bone” expression. He’s deserving of this great accolade from his one and only. Please tell him I said HAPPY B’DAY and may God continue to bless him in his ministry and his life!!!! I love and miss you both.

    1. Hey Terry! Whoo hoo! If this topped the “bone of my bone” expression, then I’ve done well! I will let him know that you are sending birthday wishes! Love and miss you too!

  4. You couldn’t have said it better. This is “WONDERFUL” You 2 are the greatest and I love you all deeply. May God continue to shine his blessings on Pastor and the family. I could not find no one more deserving than your family. God Bless you all! Love ya, Pat 🙂

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