Weak stomach? Don’t read!

I’m blogging from my Blackberry for the first time, so if there are any typos, it’s because I’m only using the thumb action for this one. I’m sitting in the cubs’ bathroom watching cubs 3 and 4 play in the tub. It reminded me that I forgot toshare one of the most grossest (usage?) Things that happened a few weeks ago in here with cub 4.

While in the tub, Cub 4 started the universal baby signal for “here comes a poop” by grunting and turning red in the face. So, I quickly started letting the water out and collecting all of the toys. Cub 3 was next to exit the tub leaving Cub 4 all alone and almost home free. I say almost because in the time it took to get Cub 3 out of the tub and to grab Cub 4’s towel, she managed to not only poop, but she had two fists full of poop and she had it hanging out of her mouth! What happened after that could be a whole new blog, but to save your stomachs, I’ll move on.

I thought about not sharing this with my blog friends because it’s just plain disgusting, but while searching the internet for information that could help us decide what to do next, I discovered many parents out there with similar stories! I found tons of stories of babies not only eating their own poop, but also that of dogs, cats, and birds! It was fascinating and. Sickening all at the same time! Oh, the joys of parenthood!

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Weak stomach? Don’t read!”

  1. Hahahaha!!! ROFLMBBOFFFFFFFFF!! Thank you for sharing! I needed a good laugh and Cub 4 provided it for her aunty. Though I must admit, I am curious what happened next. By chance has she been trying to give you guys lots of kisses? (lol) Earl said to leave that baby alone, she was just trying to play with the shark in the water!

  2. Saw this happen with my dog and yes I witnessed Synia grabbing hers. With Synia, I just yelled at her no, no! With the dog I was ready to let her loose out in the street. It was a little gross, but hey crap happens. LoL!!!!!!

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