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March Madness…already??

March madness began a little early in the Party of Six household.  Each cub gave PB and I a few more gray hairs to add to the collection that we already have – all within the last seven days of February. 

Although we say it over and over and over again never run in the house, Cub 1 took a chance on it anyway and collided with the stair railing.  Because he should know better, I was more frustrated with the fact that he loosened the staircase a bit, rather than him rolling around in pain on the floor.  I know that sounds bad, but it was a Sunday morning and we don’t have time for accidents!  He did bang his knee pretty hard, but since he was still able to walk we didn’t have to make a trip to the doctor for x-rays.  Cub 2, however, did!  While cleaning up their room, he tripped on a backpack and stabbed himself in the leg with a pencil.  You could definitely feel the lead under his skin.  His visit resulted in an antibiotic to be taken four times a day for at least 5 days.  Cub 3 also made a visit to the doctor within our week of madness.  She fell off of our bench at the kitchen table and bumped her head and lip/nose area which caused her nose to bleed.  We were worried about a concussion, but thankfully there were no real signs of anything like that.  Finally, Cub 4 discovered my box of packing noodles (I like to call them) from my Mary Kay shipments and almost choked on one!  She did manage to swallow it, so I’m sure it came out of her “other end” eventually.  I was collecting the noodles for a vocabulary activity that I’m doing with my Twittlebugs, but once Cub 4 figured out what was in the box, she managed to sneak her way into our bathroom to play with them!  Needless to say, that vocabulary activity is on hold for now.  There truly is never a dull moment in this house, and I love it!

How can I be mad at that face?!


On another note, here is an album of my Welcome Tea given by the Women’s Ministry at First Baptist.  Pics provided by Marty Williams, the church photographer.

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Peace and Blessings!


7 thoughts on “March Madness…already??”

  1. Thanks! I’m glad somebody is praying for me. Some days I am so overwhelmed I just don’t want to get out of bed to deal with the people. But I know I have to be obedient to what the Lord has assigned me to do….so I push myself and with His help deal with the issues at hand.

    I wish you were going to the ATL with us too! CJ and I are going to drive down. I have some friends there I want to visit.

    Prayerfully, as soon as they get an interim Pastor, I will be able to come fellowship with you.

    1. We are very well taken care of, Becky. I hope we never get used to it. Missing you too! Wish I could take that road trip with WEC. I’m keeping you prayed up!

  2. Sorry I missed out on this, but I had to get the paperwork (school) in. You deserve it all! Long over due to someone who is just a phenomenal mother, wife, teacher and a friend.

  3. What a wonderful welcoming! We send care to you as you add your care to the ministries of the church family.

    Hope March Madness won’t last too long. That’s a lot of “owies” in a few days!

    Fondly, Lynda

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