Just For My Malcolm Crew

Okay guys.  I’m done.  Like well-done, over-cooked done, burnt to a crisp done with MSA prep!  We’ve done all that we can do at this point, but don’t you feel the need to throw that one last testing strategy or reminder out there before passing out those booklets on Tuesday morning?  I just feel the need to put this out there to my Malcolm family:

No matter what the state scores show in a few months, we’ve worked our brains to the max and our fingers to the bone preparing our students for these four days of testing.  We did it with 9 students in a “small” group.  We did it with early morning and after-school tutoring.  We did it with sacrificing planning time or lunch time to help wherever was needed.  We did it with teamwork.  We did it in spite of parents who’ve said we aren’t doing enough for their child(ren).  We did it to promote learning and growth in our students.  We did it!  Everyone – from our sweet little Pre-K – 2nd graders cheering on our 3rd – 5th graders, our willing special area teachers, our IA’s, the ILT, those over-worked ladies in special education, our amazing counselor and reading recovery teacher – everyone has done their part!!  We have to remember our purpose in spite of the tests, and that is to help our students grow.  I’m praying that you all feel content and not stressed about how we’ve tried to prepare our students.  And if no one else says it to us – I’m saying that WE ROCK!  There’s light at the end of the tunnel!  Looking forward to celebrating with you all after it’s done!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. From one parent, I just wanna say THANK YOU! I APPRECIATE all you do to make our children successful.

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