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5K Update: 20 Days to Go!!

No, I haven’t given up yet!  I have about three weeks left of training until the “big run.”  I’ve been able to get outside and run a few times which is such a HUGE difference from running on a treadmill in the basement.  I love the change of scenery and the time seems to go by much faster.  On the other hand, I can’t track how far I’m running or calories burned when I’m running outside.  Following the Dunkin Donuts plan, I’m running and walking about 45 minutes with 30 of those minutes being running.  I’m supposed to do that three times a week, but I’m a little lazy most evenings.  I’m not trying to win the race by any means.  I just don’t want to come in last!  I know, I know…I should be happy with just finishing the race, but some of you know that I’m just too competitive sometimes.  If anyone has some great advice for me going into these last few weeks, I would appreciate it!

The Party of Six is about to head into celebration mode:  Cubs 1’s birthday is coming up, Cub 2 is being baptized, PB’s radiation therapy is coming to an end and his graduation stuff has been ordered, and SPRING BREAK is not that far away which also leads to EASTER!!  Stay tuned!

Peace and Blessings!