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I’m Pregnant Again!

April Fool’s!!  Ha! Ha! Ha!

I always have my guard up on days like today.  I have to admit that I’m the most easiest to trick when it comes to April Fool’s Day…even with my little 8-9 year old Twittlebugs!  They’ll get me all day today at school.  I’ll share them with you this evening, so that you can laugh along with me!

Also this morning, I just checked my email and had a message from Rachel that I had to blink and read twice because it had to be an April Fool’s joke.  Fortunately, it wasn’t!  I submitted my last blog, Wai…ting, to a feature on another blog, The Preacher’s Wife, called “Called Out.”  It was submitted and it’s featured today!  Please check it out!  In addition, you have a chance to win a free cd if you leave a comment!

Peace and Blessings!


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