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No Foolin’ You!

So, most of you realized that my last post couldn’t possibly happen!  I told you I’m no good at this April Fool’s stuff.  Each day, I write the date on the board in word and number form.  Today, just to mess with my Twittlebugs, I wrote “Friday, April 1, 1102” and “22-04-11″and they spent the ENTIRE day trying to convince me that it was not correct!  It was great!  If you have some good jokes to share from today, please do!

The Party kicked off our big celebratory weekend yesterday with dinner from the Olive Garden to celebrate the end of radiation therapy for PB.  Cub 1’s birthday is on Tuesday, but tomorrow he’s spending the day with a school friend.  They are going to see the movie, Hop, and have lunch at Applebee’s.  On Sunday, Cub 2 is being baptized and we’re having lunch/dinner at Outback.  Whew!  I have a lot of food to exercise off this weekend while finishing up my report cards!  Somehow it will all get done!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace and Blessings!



One thought on “No Foolin’ You!

  1. OMG….I am so happy to hear the news about PB…tell him cool beans from me…YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!….

    I am so sorry that I am going to miss Cub 2’s day but I will celebrate with the boys when I get back….I am so happy for the Kay family….

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