Poor Tank!

Our Party of Six loves to travel.  Whether it’s a long trip to Orlando or a short trip to North Brentwood, we love spending time together on the road.  Currently, we only have one vehicle that comfortably seats four cubs and their stuff.  Cub 2 is still required to use a booster seat and Cubs 3 and 4 are still in car seats.  Our Yukon (a.k.a. Tank) with extended space in the back for the double stroller hasn’t been feeling well for awhile.  The check engine light kept coming on and going off.  We had been pushing Tank on because we don’t really have time for car trouble.  Well, today Tank was towed away and admitted into the GMC service shop for further testing.  Being without Tank for today was fine, just inconvenient.  PB had a funeral today, so we couldn’t share his car.  I missed a training workshop today, but I did have an opportunity to spend time with my baby cubs and I took a much needed nap after spending a few late nights working on report cards.  Not having Tank back in the driveway is like missing a family member!  Things just aren’t “running” the same, but I’m glad God found a way to get my attention this morning.

Dedicated to Tank: Looking forward to getting you back soon!

My lesson learned today?  If you’re running on empty, SLOW DOWN before you no longer have a choice!

Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Poor Tank!

  1. You have just spoken to me. I have been running on empty for so long and the message that I am getting from you, and my Angels up in heaven, is to slow down. Keep it going lady. You are a blessing to those who need to hear the words! This is your gift from God, keep using it!

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