Road Trip: Part 1

We had such an easy trip to Philadelphia on Sunday!  We left First Baptist on Sunday afternoon in perfect weather, with sleepy cubs, and flying high still from our awesome Palm Sunday service.

We arrived at Penns Landing ready to EAT!!  We were sure to find some good seafood being that we were right on the Delaware River.  We ended up going to the Chart House.  They offered valet parking which should have been a red flag for us that it might not be a good choice for cubs with lots of energy to release from the drive up.  When we walked in, I looked quickly over the menu just to make sure they offered a children’s menu and (whew!) they did.  The cubs did very well throughout dinner.  I think they realized how “important and fancy” the place looked and decided to spare us some embarrassment.

Cub 2 ordered a hamburger, then asked, “Do they even have ketchup here?”  They even received a compliment on their behavior from the couple next to us.  Thankfully, that couple left before things started to fall apart.  Cub 1 ate way too much way too fast and had to make some visits to the restroom.  He really wanted to get back to the hotel.  Cub 4 enjoyed repeatedly taking the bow out of her hair and throwing it on the floor, then gagged on something (until she brought it back up) that she grabbed off of my plate.  I was able to catch most of it in the nice cloth napkin, but the rest of it rolled onto my leg!  Cubs 2 and 3 were done with sitting down.

PB and I were thinking the same thing:  Why does it take the waiter FOREVER to come back to your table when you’re ready for the check, yet they are asking you every five minutes how you’re doing while you’re trying to eat?!  Once the noise level started to rise at our table, we decided that it would be best if I took the cubs out while PB waited around to pay.

Note to self:  Quick kid-friendly restaurants are best after traveling!

Peace and Blessings!


5 thoughts on “Road Trip: Part 1”

  1. Glad you are getting some R&R. The Chart House is the deal though. There is one in Old Towne Alexandria by the water that I have taking my second mom to and the food is absolutely delicious! One day in the Summer when we have our festival here at work, I need to invite you and the boys, I work on the Subs here and we have a Submarine out here called the “USS Barry” that is dock right here at the Navy Yard. You can go on a tour and the Military guys will explain all the in and outs.

    1. We’ve been to the one in Old Town as well, but not with the whole crew! Be sure to think about us when they do the submarine tour this summer. The boys would love that!

  2. I have experienced the Chart House for dinner. It is a great place with good food and awesome atmosphere, but you are right about not being the best choice for 4 road-weary little ones. Hope part 2 will reveal a better experience in my home town.

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