Road Trip: Part 2

After our wonderful (and it was delicious) dinner at the Chart House, we headed back to the hotel for some unwinding time, but not before getting in a quick visit with the Bucks!  They came over to the hotel and we spent a few minutes in the lobby together so that Cub 3 could have a few minutes with her favorite cousin.  They enjoyed jumping, running, and spinning around in circles together and Cub 4 tried to join in!

We slept in on Monday morning {sleeping in is until 7:00}, had breakfast, and decided to walk over to see the traditional Philly sites. Constitution Hall and the Liberty Bell were all that we could handle because we were ready to eat again and it looked like it was going to rain.

After lunch, we walked over to Independence Seaport Museum which was right next to our hotel.  Included in our ticket prices was the opportunity to tour a submarine and old warship.  This was definitely the highlight of the day for Cubs 1 and 2.  It helped Cub 1 decide that he’d rather try the Air Force than the Marines.  Cub 2 was just proud of himself for getting through both!  Later, we hit Dave & Buster’s.  Cub 2 lost us for a second, but other than that, it was a drama-free day!


Peace and Blessings!


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