Road Trip: Part 3

Our plan for our last day in Philly was to ride the ferry over to the aquarium before returning home.  Unfortunately, Cub 2 woke up with a stomach virus and we had to get him home in a hurry.  Needless to say, our ride home didn’t go as smoothly as our ride to Philly.  All I can say is thank goodness for travel potties and diaper bags!  Cub 2 was really looking forward to the aquarium, so we will try to squeeze in a trip to Baltimore before spring break is over.

Check out what PB did when we got home!


Okay,  I know you like our nice thick, green grass, but more important is the fact that PB is cutting it again!!  He did the whole yard with no pain afterwards!!  Whoo hoo!!  We don’t have to pay someone else to do it this summer!  God is good!

Peace and Blessings!

5 thoughts on “Road Trip: Part 3”

  1. Look what God can and will do! I’ve already claimed total healing upon PB. I’m glad everyone had a safe and enjoyable mini vacation. I hope Cub 2 gets better soon so he can enjoy the rest of spring break.

  2. Wow–glad to see that picture! God is good. I claim total healing for him!! It was good you got some get away time. I’m looking forward to the choir traveling to Atlanta next week just to have a Sunday away from EBC. CJ and I are going to California in June — so that will give us two mini-vacations. The girls are really growing!!

    We lost another choir member last week. Her name was Dorothy Porter. She was one of our original members. She sang soprano and was a member of Mt. Jezreel.

    Miss you much–will see you on May 7th!!!


    1. Hey Becky! Have a great time in Atlanta and California…sounds like fun! We are looking forward to the 7th as well! Always a good time and good food!

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