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Back to the Grind

Back to lesson plans.  Back to grading papers.  Back to early mornings and late nights.  Back to trying to keep my Twittlebugs focused on reading, math, and writing instead of warm weather, field trips, and field day.  Spring Break is over!!  Boo!!
I’ll just have to scroll through our spring break memories each day to remind me how blessed I am to have four wonderful cubs…

…who aren’t capable of taking a normal picture;

…who love showing their independence;

The stroller is useless!

…who don’t mind spending time in PB’s office while he works;

…who got up super early on Easter Sunday morning, but were happy to still get a visit from the Easter Bunny; and


…who I can’t wait to spend all summer spoiling (and maybe fall, winter, and spring, but we’re praying on that – right, PB?!)

Peace and Blessings!