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(Sort of) Guest Blogger!

My (sort of) guest blogger is Karen.  I first met her when I taught her daughter who at the time was in my fourth grade literacy class.  Since then, she has substituted for me many, many times and I’m so grateful for her!  She’s another one of my earth angels that I talked about last year.  She doesn’t really blog, but I’m making her a blogger today because she wrote a very touching Facebook note that I think everyone that I know should read.  With the “busy”ness of this week trying to prepare for our big installation weekend, I’m reading it daily to help me keep things in perspective.  I hope you find it as powerful as I did:

“What I Have Learned” by Karen

I have gained new perspective on life over the last week, handed to me directly by an unexpected health issue and tempered by the Grace of the only Living Lord, Jesus.

Here are some of the things that I have learned:

it doesn’t matter that my linen closet doesn’t look the way I like it . . . what matters is that someone was willing to put away the linens.

it doesn’t matter that the bed wasn’t made exactly the way I like it . . . what matters is that someone was willing to make it.

it doesn’t matter that the laundry isn’t done . . . what matters is that my family still has clothes to wear.

it doesn’t matter that I can’t do everything for myself right now . . . what matters is that I have friends and family who are willing to do what I can’t.

it doesn’t matter that my kids don’t always listen and follow directions. . . what matters is how I respond.

it doesn’t matter that the air outside is chilly . . . what matters is that the scent of my azalea is wafting into my living room on that chilly air, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the rain is gently falling and the green of new spring life surrounds my home.

it doesn’t matter that I have lost several days income by not being able to go to work . . . what matters is that I get to hug my children, see their beautiful faces, laugh at their jokes and share another day with them.

Sometimes we don’t listen when God whispers to us.  Sometimes we can’t hear the whisper because our lives are too loud.  What I have learned is that I need to slow down, be quiet and listen, and that God will love me always, no matter what.

Well said.

Peace and Blessings!


3 thoughts on “(Sort of) Guest Blogger!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this note with your blog readers. This letter had powerful messages within it. It made me stop and think. One of the main points I received was to be GRATEFUL and Thankful. Also to pay attention more, God sends messages a variety of ways.

  2. This is so touching, powerful and tearful! Puts everything in to perspective with my life. “Well Said”

  3. So true. Sometimes we need to just slow down and listen to God and appreciate the little things. My good friend Linda used to tell me that all the time.
    I too had parents who became my favorite and most requested substitute as well as very good friends. To this day we remain friends.

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