The Preaching Doctor

The beautiful National Cathedral

It’s official!!  PB has earned his Doctor of Ministry (and third bar) from Wesley Theological Seminary!  Our first of several May celebrations was PB’s graduation yesterday.  The cubs all did very well throughout the commencement.  Over spring break, we were talking about PB being finished wih his dissertation and Cub 2 had lots of questions about what kind of doctor he was going to be.  After trying to explain to him that it wasn’t a “physician” doctor, Cub 2 said, “Oh!  So, you’re a preaching doctor!”  PB has had so much going on in the midst of taking classes and writing his dissertation that I can’t believe he managed to finish on time!  We are very, very proud of him and I’m glad to be along for this ride into whatever God has in store for us next!

Dr. PB!!

When I think back to the first few years of our relationship and marriage, I had serious trust issues due to previous bad relationships.  I went from the emotional abuser – to the hustling thug – to the “my baby’s daddy” drama before God placed PB in my path.  Unfortunately for him, he had to peel away layer upon layer upon layer of broken promises, shattered self-esteem, and just not believing God could or would bless me to be truly happy in a relationship.  I’m so thankful that he’s never stopped saying I love you.  He’s never stopped saying that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world to him.  He’s never stopped treating me like the most precious gift he’s ever been given.  It’s a great feeling to hear, know, and feel that you are loved!!

PB and the Cubs

You are the best, Rev. Dr. PB!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Oh, I needed to hear those words tonight…to know that I’m not the only one to go through those types of relationships. Your message gives me hope to just wait patiently on God. You truly know how to write encouraging words without even knowing it! I am so glad God is blessing you all, and the fact that you express it constantly. I’ve always known that I was intended to be a wife, but I didn’t wait for God to bless it, so I sit here and just smile knowing that the day will come again for me.

    Love you guys,


  2. I’m glad God placed my brother and you in each others lives. When I see the two of you together all I see is LOVE. LOVE for God, LOVE for each other, and LOVE for your family. Keep pressing on for Jesus, I know he has a lot of great things in your future.

  3. Wow! I think you need to go and get a publisher/agent now! This is not only a true testimony but a spiritual life experience to teaching others of how we go through some storms only to find that there is a rainbow at the end. I am literally balling up with tears because this is so true of what I see and how the two of you confess your love for one another. And those beautiful Cubs are a blessing to add to the confession. May God continue to bless you and Rev-Dr. Duane T. Kay from Spotsylvania, VA (Country-boy). LoL!!! You know the joke. Smooches~

  4. Congratulations to the Kays…a wonderful family that has truly been blessed by God! May all the desires of your hearts be filled as you continue your journey through life! Peace and blessings always!!!

  5. Wow!!! I, sometimes have fb challenges, so at first, I didn’t see the total message you wrote!!! My, my, my God IS a wonder-worker and I am so happy for both of you!!!!

  6. Like I said yesterday, you’ve earned that doctorate as well by being such a supportive wife. I have always admired the way Rev. Kay professes his love for you. It’s rare that you find a young man who declares to the world that his mate is all that and a bag of chips. LOL… I’m glad the two of you found each other. It’s so true, you have to sift through a lot of cubic zirconias before you find that diamond. You’re a lucky young lady, and Rev. Kay, a lucky young man, who have both been blessed by God to be paired together to take this spiritual walk together. You were even blessed with bonuses, THE CUBS!!
    Cub 2’s “Preaching Doctor” sounds just like him!

  7. Yay Rev. Dr. Kay!!!! I am so happy and proud!!!! Everyone can see how much he loves you! It’s beautiful to watch! The men better step their game up! LOL!!!

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