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Birthday Boy!

What can I say about Cub 2?  He came into this world so fast that I had no time for any pain relief, and his energy level hasn’t decreased at all ever since!  He is the comedian in the family.  He has always been happy and ready for fun.  He loves to dance.  He loves to play whatever, whenever, wherever, with whoever.

Although yesterday was his birthday, Cub 2’s birthday celebration began last Thursday when he convinced my mother to replace his goldfish that passed away during our busy installation weekend.  Being the awesome grandmother that she is, he came home with not one, but THREE fish to replace the last one.

On Saturday, we invited Jupiter John, along with some of Cub 2’s friends, over for a Mad Science party followed by water games.  They all had so much fun!

Traditionally, the birthday cub picks the dinner meal for the birthday evening, but this year we did a birthday breakfast.   After school, we took a trip to Toys R Us so that he could spend some of his birthday money…and his fun is still not over!  One of his best friends at school couldn’t come to the party on Saturday, so he is going to the movies on Saturday with him!

I think Cub 2 is the first of the cubs to manage to stretch his birthday out to a week long celebration without us even noticing!

Peace and Blessings!


8 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!”

  1. So happy Cub 2 enjoyed his birthday. Each year brings more special, and bigger and better things. Watch out grandma, next year he might want an aquarium!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to my “former boyfriend”. He is a charmer and that is why he was my ringbearer at our wedding. We will never forget his profound remark-“how many more songs are they going sing before this thing is over”! Priceless!! Love you Cub 2!!

  3. Cub 2 marches to the beat of a different drummer. He is truly a unique individual. I’ve always said he’s the one who will always steal your heart without you even knowing he’s done it. He is indeed a sweetie!! I love his energy and the way he is always happy. And only he would be the Cub to figure out how to stretch his birthday. Smart guy!! Gotta love him!!

  4. HAHA Thats the way to do it! You and ur Cuz Kendall know ALL the loops that the rest of us children/grandchildren haven’t caught on too yet lol! Love ya Cub 2!! N yeesssss we have an AWESOME grandmother and FAMILY. Truly BLESSED!

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