Detalis. I Mean Details.

I am a fan of details.  I’m happy knowing the big picture, but there’s nothing like having all of the details that lead up to that big picture.  My life is less complicated when I have the details.  I don’t function well with just the big picture.  Although we’ve been doing a lot of celebrating in the Party of Six lately, there’s a little dark cloud forming over my head because recently things have been backwards.  I have no details…just big pictures:

Cub 1 is going to middle school next year, but where? more clouds…

Cubs 3 and 4 need a new day care provider before August, but who?  more clouds…

I’m going to be teaching again next year, but if we don’t find day care, or can’t afford their fees, am I taking a year off?  more clouds…

We celebrate PB being a cancer survivor, but will we ever get a zero PSA test score?  more clouds…

Earlier tonight someone tweeted this scripture from Psalm 138:8: The Lord will perfect that which concerns me, Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.  Was it just a coincidence that it caught my eye?  He will perfect that which concerns me…He will perfect that which concerns me…He will perfect that which concerns me.  I’m just going to keep saying it until these clouds start moving away.  How do you get rid of your clouds?

Peace and Blessings!


5 thoughts on “Detalis. I Mean Details.”

  1. PRAYER! Prayer of thanksgiving, for all those blessings God has granted us with. Pray just to thank God for being the amazing being He is. Pray just to let God know we’re grateful and but still depending on His guidance. God will answer your prayers in His time.

  2. To get rid of my clouds I remember Jeremiah 29:11. I take comfort in the fact that, during those times when I can only see the “big picture”, God knows the details. My clouds hang daily as my big boy deals with final exams (please no summer school this year), SAT exams, applying to college (where do we even begin!!) and my big girl and her husband move into month six of pregnancy with grandbaby number one (please Lord, a healthy child) and as we transition into a new school year with budget cuts and lots of changes. When my worries creep in (and they do everyday) I remind myself that God IS in control. Then I treat myself to a tall, mocha frappucino at Starbucks and I feel MUCH better 🙂 Know that God has already worked out the details for you and your wonderful family.

    1. I’m both encouraged and discouraged by your comments, Audrey! Discouraged because I was hoping that worrying about my cubs would magically go away once they weren’t dependent on me as “caretaker” anymore. But, I’m encouraged to hear that I’m not the only one who has to remind myself that God is in control. I gain strength from hearing others’ testimonies about how they deal with their clouds. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can’t thank you enough for keeping me positive with some of the things I have had to deal with lately, and I am still dealing with more. I consider it going through the storm for me. I keep on Praising God because he knows how patient and obedient I am being. Sometimes it’s get hard to stay patient & obedient but I know his words endures forever. So in the name of Jesus I ask that your “clouds” and my “storms” be “REMOVED”.

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