Spoiled, Continued

We continue with spoiling…

There are several meanings of the word spoil, but the meaning I was referring to in my last blog was when we are treated with excessive indulgence or praise.  Spoiling someone doesn’t mean that it has to be materialistic actions.  I’m spoiled every day by being able to enjoy being with my family.  Some people don’t have that privilege.  I’m spoiled by being able to fall asleep and wake up (when a cub doesn’t sneak in) with my best friend right beside me.  Some people don’t get to do that every night.  So, how are you spoiled?  Reading this blog means that you have access to the internet.  Yeah, you’re spoiled!  Tonight, you’re going to lay down in a comfy bed, probably with a pillow to lay your head on, right?  Uh-huh – you’re spoiled!  My definition of spoiled includes anything that you do that’s not enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, and all the time.  Therefore, we are all spoiled in some way!

I’m looking forward to being spoiled every day of summer break by not having to go to work!  Whoo hoo!  The Party of Six is LONG overdue for a dance party!!  Our cubs love to dance!  Sometimes we get a little corny, and celebrate our big events with our own version of a Soul Train line!  Our last train line was when PB received the call from First Baptist.  We have had other big events to celebrate since then, and we have two more coming up in June – Cub 1’s promotion to middle school and the end of the school year.  We will have to combine all of our celebrations into one big dancing party on June 20th!

Cub 2's Birthday Dance
Cub 1 dancing "just because"

Peace and Blessings!