Change Is A Good Thing!

Have I mentioned that I’m excited about the end of the school year??  I’ve changed my background theme to a beach theme to further put myself (and you) in summer mode.  Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see the sharks in the water!  Change is a good thing!

Tomorrow is FIELD DAY, and I know that my Twittlebugs will definitely be in summertime mode starting on Monday.  You can probably tell that my summer-mode has already begun because I’m spending more time blogging and less time lesson planning! 🙂  This is the time of year that I do enjoy reflecting on the changes that they’ve made since I first met them back in August.  Most are a little taller, a little wiser, and a little more confident by the end of the school year.  I’ve learned their likes and dislikes (and they’ve learned mine).  They know that I don’t like for them to write “yes” or “no” for an answer without explaining why.  I know that they don’t like to explain “why.”  My Twittlebugs are getting ready to fly on their own, and I’ll get a new swarm of Twittlebugs in the fall…and they’ll seem even more like babies to me since I’m moving to second grade next year, but change is a good thing!

Next week is our annual variety show at school.  Each year the music teacher always asks for staff members to volunteer to be in the show, and one or two people sign up.  I always volunteer to help out behind the scenes, but this year some of my co-workers and I are participating in the show.  Change is a good thing!  We are doing the Let’s Move dance performed by Beyonce’ and thousands of children all over the world.  Now, to inderstand the hilarious-ness of the situation, you have to watch the video and imagine 15 adults (without the flexibility or energy of Beyonce’ and children) trying to do this dance.  I must say, it is a REAL workout!

What kind of changes are you looking forward to this summer, or just in general?!  Think of something to do outside of your norm and tell me about (through email or click the comments button) and I’ll keep checking in with you just to make sure you’re following through.  I’ll let you know how the Let’s Move dance turns out next week!

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Change Is A Good Thing!”

  1. Change IS a good thing…even when its scary! Have fun with the dance!! I tried to do the ‘sit down’ version and got tired 🙂 …and so now I’ve got a new work-out goal!! Thanks!!! (I think…:-)

  2. Yes…it is time to embrace change. For me it has taken 38 years to become comfortable in my own skin. To embrace the uncertainty of life as an adventure that has the certainty of God’s presence. Change is good because it means we are not stuck in the same place and there is a journey to enjoy and experience to gain. Like you, I am just enjoying today, my evolution from yesterday and my unfolding adventure that awaits in tomorrow.

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