Installation – Hospitality

I’m supposed to be napping in preparation for our Variety Show performance tonight, but everytime I start thinking about dance steps and if we are going to be able to pull it off, my heart starts beating fast and I can’t calm myself down enough to take a nap!  So, I decided to take a blog time-out because I have pictures to share from our installation activities at First Baptist last month.  Marty Williams, the photographer, caught some great shots of the cubs at their finest and passed some of the pictures along to me so that I could use them on Party of Six (Thanks, Marty!!)

Hospitality…wow!  Having snacks and drinks available before service each night was brilliant!  The cheese and crackers were a huge hit with Cubs 2, 3, and 4.  Here’s a picture of Cub 4 with one of three packs she ate on Thursday night:

We were picked up and returned to our hotel on Saturday and Sunday.  It was nice to take the time in the limo to enjoy each other and reflect on all that was happening throughout the weekend.  In these pictures, I can’t say that we looked too glamorous…we do have young children.  So, just imagine that the container of Cub 4’s rice milk is a glass of wine and the diaper bag is a cute party purse!


On Sunday evening, we had a banquet.  PB and I sat at the head table and we had the cubs sitting nearby with family.  Can you imagine managing them all at a head table??  Exactly!  But, take a look at their place settings:

        Cubs 1 and 2 had mini Uno playing cards and Cubs 3 and 4 had cute little panda stuffed animals!  How cool is that?!  There’s nothing like great hospitality to make you feel welcomed!

Time to get moving back to school for the Variety Show!  I’ll share more later!

Peace and Blessings!