Installation – Doggie

So, I’m supposed to be working on my report card comments, but I’ve done everything else but that!  I’ve cleaned out the fridge, watched a thunderstorm pass by (can you say procrastination?), put in a load of laundry, ate dinner with the Party, and finally I’ve turned on the laptop!  Now, I just need to get off of the internet and focus on coming up with cheers and jeers for each of my 25 Twittlebugs.  From past experience, the fourth quarter report card comments are always the easiest, therefore I don’t think they will take all night…unless I find a few more things to distract me.

I wanted to share some more pics from installation weekend.  While scrolling through the hundreds of pictures taken that weekend, there was a consistent “presence” among the Party of Six – Doggie!  A little while ago, Cub 4 could not sleep without her blanket.  I blogged about it here.  Shortly after joining our new church family, Cub 4 received Doggie as a gift, and it has since replaced her blanket.

Doggie attended all installation activities

He’s been everywhere and has done everything with us.  We learned very quickly not to leave home without him, and we ALL have the responsibility of keeping Doggie close by.

Cub 2 holding on to Doggie at Saturday's service

He’s sort of like Cub 4’s own version of Flat Stanley.  It’s impossible to get him away from Cub 4 long enough to give him a bath.

Doggie at the banquet
Doggie always attends Sunday morning service
Doggie’s never far away when it’s nap time, and yes, she’s on the church floor.

I know a day is coming when we will have to take Doggie away, so if anyone has any advice, or tips, on how we can do it with as little pain and suffering as possible, please let us know!!  Now…report card comments! 😦

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Yes she is serious about her sidekick! LOL! I can’t give you any ideas unfortunately. My nephew when he started school had to have a piece of his blanket go with him.

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