The Cubs’ Dad

It was a great weekend for the cubs’ dad!

He celebrated with his first cub on Friday as he was promoted to sixth grade.  Cub 1 had to give a speech about teacher memories.  Momma Bear held it together pretty well!

The cubs’ dad spent some of Friday evening at the Waldorf Relay for Life.  We celebrated him being a cancer survivor by honoring him during the Luminaria Ceremony.  Momma Bear was thankful to be able to purchase an illuminated bag in HONOR of him, and not in MEMORY of him!

The cubs’ dad witnessed Cub 3 head out on her first class field trip to Glen Echo Park for a puppet show.  Cub 3 missed her dad so much that she cried most of the way to the park.  Momma Bear and Cub 4 tagged along, and by the end of the field trip, she said it was lots of fun!

The cubs’ dad was called out Saturday night to the hospital, and got back home pretty late.  Cubs 3 and 4 helped him sleep in a little longer this morning by snuggling up under his arms so that he couldn’t possibly make a move and risk waking them up before they were ready.

The cubs’ dad had to say good-bye to his favorite so worn out you can see through it shirt today.  It’s been around since we started dating back in 1995.  Momma Bear bought him new shirts with the understanding that his favorite shirt would have to be thrown away.

The cubs’ dad had Father’s Day dinner at Bob Evans because he was nice enough to let Cub 1 choose the restaurant for today.

The cubs’ dad ended his day playing 3 on 3 flag football with the whole Party.  The final score – Cowboys-12  Dolphins-12.

It was a great weekend for the cubs’ dad!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Beautiful family! Beautiful weekend! Pure Love shown through out the blog and pictures.

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