Summer is Here!

I’m playing on PB’s iPad 2…I could get used to one of these! I’m in the NNK soaking up lots of family time.

Now that school is out, it is time to compile my summer to-do list:

1. Girls’ Getaway Weekend! I will be spending this weekend with my NC friends in New York City!! Like every other “for girls only” excursion – what happens in New York, stays in New York!

2. Bedroom Switching! Cubs 1 and 2 have been sharing a room for about two years, and now they will go back to having their own rooms. Cub 4 will move in with Cub 3. There will be lots of painting, hammering, and drilling going on at the Kay’s residence. Feel free to drop in and help out anytime because I’m sure this will be an all summer project!

3. Cross-stitching! It’s my “summer only” hobby, and I hope to complete 3 projects that I bought back in September.

4. Family Fun Fridays! Every Friday, the Party of Six will venture out for some free or cheap family fun.

Summer vacation is truly the best part of being a teacher!


5 thoughts on “Summer is Here!”

  1. Have a great time with the girls in NYC (my favorite city in the country)! I told hubby we have to get back there again soon!!!!

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