He’s Got This!

I know you’ll find this shocking, but…there are many preachers, pastors, evangelists, etc. doing wrong in the church and outside of the church – sinning just like the rest of us.  Okay, I know that you knew this, and isn’t it terrible that it’s not shocking?!  When we find out that these persons have done wrong, it’s not our responsibility to handle the discipline, and it’s not our place to call them out.

In my classroom, my students have the opportunity to talk with their classmates pretty regularly.  However, there are some times when it’s necessary for them to work silently.  When these times come about, it never fails that someone will get caught talking.  The guilty party’s excuse is usually that someone else was doing the talking and they were just trying to tell them to be quiet.  In return, they always get a lecture from me about making sure that they tell me first so that I can handle it and then they don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.  Eventually, the talker will get caught.  I’m learning that this “I-wanna-take-care-of-this-myself” approach doesn’t stop in childhood!

Like the students in my class have to learn to let me handle issues, we need to take our issues to the One who handles our discipline.  In 1 Samuel, David becomes quite popular after killing Goliath, and Saul became very jealous of this.  Saul tries more than once to kill David.  David had several opportunities to kill Saul (around chapt. 24), but he never did because he knew that messing with God’s anointed would get him into a whole lot of trouble!  By the end of 1 Samuel, Saul ends up taking his own life because he was so involved in what he wanted to do that he stopped listening to God and God stopped talking to him.  David’s issues with Saul were resolved because he decided NOT to handle it himself.

I started out by pinpointing people in the ministry, but it can apply to just about anybody with whom you have issues.  You know that co-worker who takes credit for all of your hard work, or the friend who’s cheating on her husband and you nearly bite your lip off every time you’re around them, or the family member that continuously makes wrong decisions that you always end up getting them out of?  Just imagine God saying, “[insert your name], I got this!”  Tell Him about it, and leave it with Him.  I’m not saying they’ll end up taking their life like Saul, I’m just saying that it will no longer be something that you feel you have to handle.  Trust me, it works!

Peace and Blessings!

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  1. What a powerful word you gave. I agree completely. We will do a poor job of handling something that was God’s responsibility in the first place. I have learned to do that myself and it is freeing feeling.

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