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Struggling to Let Go

The Party of Six has been celebrating my birthday all weekend, but within all of the festivities we managed to work on #2 on my to-do list, and Cub 4 has officially moved in with Cub 3.  First, we ordered them matching toddler beds because I couldn’t find one that looked like Cub 3’s.  Then, we ordered Cub 4 a Disney Princesses bedding set that matches the purple and pink colors already in the room.  Now, we just need pictures for the wall and a cute rug on the floor.

We also had to re-arrange the closet space.  I installed two shelves on either side of the closet so that Cub 4’s clothes are on one side and Cub 3’s are on the other.  In the middle is a 3-drawer dresser.  I’m using the top of it as the changing table for Cub 4.  Not really sure how to share three dresser drawers between the two girls yet.  Right now, the top drawer holds Cub 3’s underwear and Cub 4’s Pampers and wipes.  I’m thinking about using the other two drawers for their jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts.  All of their dresses and tops will be hung up.  There are three baskets on the top shelf of the closet that are being used for socks and tights for now.

Moving Cub 4 in with Cub 3 was not difficult at all.  However, I was not prepared for the sadness I’m feeling!  Man!  We have to take apart this crib for the LAST time!  There are no more babies coming through our household from ME!  Ugh!  We have three bags of infant clothes to give away which I’m okay with, but for some reason this crib is really rough!  I think what makes it worse is that we have to throw it away!  Even though we used it for all four cubs and never had any problems, it’s one of those that was recalled about three years ago.  So, it has to go to the dump…and I’m not happy.  So many memories!  I’ve decided to make PB responsible for discarding the crib so that I can pretend that it’s going back in the garage until the next “pretend” baby!

Peace and Blessings!