I can’t say that I like my job all of the time, but during the summer I REALLY love my job!  I’m getting paid while relaxing and playing with the cubs!  Our first Family Fun Friday that I mentioned on my to-do list was successful.  Last Friday we went to the National Zoo.  Although the zoo was free, it never really is “free.”  Especially when you forget hats for Cubs 3 and 4, or you get off schedule and have to buy food there, or you decide to reward yourself for making it up and down all of the hills with ice cream cones!

Cub 4 does not like the hat!

This past Friday, we were supposed to go the pool and a nearby park, but it was a gloomy day so we had to improvise.  We went to the arcade room and toddler play area at the mall.  We did end up going to the pool on Saturday afternoon.  Some of our flag football parents and kids came as well.

Cub 3 on the dancing machine.

This Friday, we are planning a late lunch at Chuck E. Cheese (per Cub 3’s request).  Since her birthday is coming up, she’s taking after her mom and stretching it out as much as possible.  So far, she’s asked for lollipops, marshmallows, and a Pillow Pet for her birthday.

Today we had our first interview with a prospective day care provider. Searching for a day care should be #5 on the to-do list for this summer since it needs to be in place before I return to school next month.  The cubs would be two of four kiddies at this particular day care which is a PLUS.  However, it’s in the opposite direction of our normal travel route each morning which is a huge MINUS.  Also, Fire Marshall Dad (which I sometimes use to refer to PB) observed that the basement of the house was not a walk-out basement.  There was only one way in and one way out.  The other two day care homes we will talk to are here in our neighborhood and in a neighborhood near the school where I work.  Either would be a much more convenient drive for both PB and me.  Most important is the fit for our cubs – extremely shy Cub 3 and extremely active Cub 4!

In Kodi's food again!

I’m anxious, but not too worried because a few months ago we had NO possibilities, and now we have three!  God is good!  I’ll keep you posted and please keep us in prayer that we’ll find the right fit!

Peace and Blessings!