That Second Wind

I think Cub 4 has more energy than the whole Party put together.  She has spent the past couple of days totally off schedule without the normal nap times or lengths.  I thought Friday’s trip to Chuck E. Cheese and to the mall would’ve tired her out…

or maybe the long day at Magruder Park for our church picnic…

…or the pool party we went to on Sunday after church…

Too much open space!
She fell after trying to jump up and touch the leaves.

…but she still managed to be her normal busy-bodied self every evening!

Even though I know she’s tired, she manages to catch a second wind that allows her the extra spark she needs to run full speed throughout the house until we’re ready to catch her and put her to bed.  When I’m exercising and feel like I can’t take another step, that second wind kicks in and I feel like I can go a little further.  When I’m going through one of life’s storms and I’m ready to quit, that second wind  helps me to endure it a little longer.  Cub 4’s second wind comes in at some point after dinner and baths.  When does your second wind come in your day or life?  Let’s stay thankful for that second wind!

Peace and Blessings!


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