No Heart Attack For Me!

We made it safely to Orange Lake!  There is nothing like arriving at the resort after our long trip from Maryland.  It’s such a beautiful place!  In the clubhouse for owners, they have a sign that says taking two vacations each year reduces your risk of a heart attack by 50%.  I think our 10 days here combined with the eight weeks of summer vacation that I enjoy being a teacher should reduce my risk even more!

This year, we arrived two hours ahead of our 4:00 check-in time.  Our place wasn’t quite ready, so we decided to go out to the water’s edge for a little while…bad idea!


We haven’t made any definite plans about vacation this year at all, which is unusual for this teacher-brain of mine that likes to plan ahead.  We do have some definite activities:

1. Pool time everyday.  I missed a lot of great camera shots yesterday at the pool, so I’ll have to get the cubs to reinact some of the things they did.  Here are a couple of pics from the fountains.


2. Naps.  They are a must because we’ll spend a lot of time out past our normal evening curfew.

3. No food and drink rules.  This is the cubs’ favorite because they get to drink soda and eat pretty much whatever they want without PB and I saying no.  PB and I also enjoy putting our own eating and drinking rules aside as well.  This was my breakfast:

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia with my bowl of cherries! Yummy!

4. Plenty of good family memories – good and bad!  From nosebleeds to PB being pulled over by one of South Carolina’s finest to my fear of lizards – we will have plenty to talk about to last until we return next year (and we still have a week to go).

Peace and Blessings!

3 thoughts on “No Heart Attack For Me!”

  1. Cub 4 caught up with the real Mr. Sand Man…lol!!!! Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy….I know this isn’t all you are going to indulge on (smile). Oh before I go tell PB being pulled over by SC’s finest hummmm….and he laughed at me for being pulled over by Fairfax’s finest….they saw those out of state tags.

  2. Awww! Have fun guys!! Cub 4…No sand diets! Hope its ALOT of relaxation and peace! A trip to Disney World is A MUST! & have yall tried Sea World yet?

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