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PB and I try to introduce the cubs to new activities and learning opportunities occasionally.  Sometimes they end up being everything that we imagined, and sometimes – not so much!

Ready for a night out on the town!

When Cub 1 was five years old and Cub 2 was a little over one year old, we had to go to Richmond, VA for the Baptist General Convention.  One evening, we decided to take them to Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.  We thought that trying to eat with chopsticks, seeing the chef chop up our food and juggle spatulas would be a fun time for two little boys.  However, we didn’t think it all the way through.  Keep in mind, this was before we really had a good grasp of how anxious Cub 1 was in new situations.  We totally forgot about the “firing of the grill.”  What made it worse was that our chef made a smiling face out of the oil to really lure the cubs in, and then he set the smiley face on fire!  You can imagine that seeing and feeling this tall, hot fire just about made both cubs jump out of their skin in terror!  We spent the next 30 minutes trying to calm them down back in the waiting area and ended up getting free meals because the chef felt so bad about the whole situation!  Fast forward to the present…

Our favorite soul food restaurant in Orlando, Mama Nem’s, is closed for remodeling this summer.  It’s just horrible to have your built-up expectations crushed!  Instead of soul food, we decided to try a japanese steakhouse (Kobe’s).  Surely, since Cub 1 is now 11, it would be a much better experience for all of us.  Cub 1’s expectations had him full of anxiety even though we went through – which included a whispered threat for him not to mess this experience up for his little cub siblings by crying or screaming like when he was five – what we could expect this time.

We had a 30-minute wait, so the cubs fed the fish in the waiting area and watched them swim around.


When we were seated, we sat with a family of four from New Jersey who had a son about the same age as Cub 1.  He sat beside him, which helped take his mind off of what was coming up.  Everyone enjoyed their soup and salad.  Cub 3 was determined to use her chopsticks more than her fork.

Finally, it was time to fire up the grill.  Cub 1 was still a little cautious, but he did a great job of being a good model for his siblings.


This time our expectations were right on target!  We went to a carnival after dinner that brought about more hit and miss expectations, but that’s another whole blog!

Peace and Blessings!