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Wow, God!

My friend, Jamie, referred to one of her recent blessings as a “BIG wow God” moment and I just can’t shake that phrase from my memory!  I really like thinking about God’s blessings as “Wow God” moments!

Central Park - NYC

If anyone deserves “Wow God” moments, it’s Jamie.  She’s a wife and mom to three adorable children.  Since March, Jamie has suffered two strokes with all of the side effects that go along with them.  As if that hasn’t been enough, a hole was discovered in her heart and she is preparing for surgery to close the hole this coming week.  Jamie doesn’t deserve “Wow God” moments because she has a hole in her heart or because she’s had more than one stroke.  She deserves “Wow God” moments because in all that she has had to endure over the past months, she’s NEVER STOPPED BEING THANKFUL for her blessings.  This verse in the 73rd Psalm makes me think about Jamie:

“My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

At the Wicked show

Yep, that’s Jamie!  Blog family, I would greatly appreciate it if you would say a prayer for her, her husband, and children, that they may celebrate even more “Wow God” moments.  Then, take the time to thank God for your “Wow God” moments as well.  Tonight, I’m thankful for a safe trip to and from Orlando.

Peace and Blessings!


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